• Single Discipline plans from €50/month


Prices effective from 1st October 2018.

Minimum term 3 Months

Discount options :

  • 3 Months payment in advance 5% discount

  • 6 Months payment in advance 7.5% discount

  • 12 Months payment in Advance 10% discount

Payment due one month in advance 1st each month.

  • Initial Face to face Consultation €60

  • Out of plan meetings €30


"Facing my first Ironman in 2018 was a mental challenge in its own right. I had looked at every plan under the sun, turning them upside down and inside out, while honestly not having any real idea to as which plan would suit me best or indeed what it was I had signed up for. It was at this point, thinking that this was way too much hassle, Cathal at GLC came recommended to me and the rest is history. Cathal/GLC took all the thinking and stress out of choosing the right program and ensured that everything I was doing was within my comfort zone while also incorporating the sessions that pushed you that little bit further from time to time. As crazy as it sounds, it actually made the 15 plus hours a week enjoyable! Getting the feedback (good & bad) was both invaluable and motivational. There is no question I have become a better, leaner, more disciplined athlete and I am very grateful to Cathal/GLC for the guidance and continued coaching."

Cormac O Sullivan

December 10, 2018

"I first went to Cathal 13 weeks before Ironman Wales 2018, at the time I'd done 4 marathons, did some casual swimming and hadn't sat on a bike since childhood. 13 weeks later I was at the start line, fitter than ever and even after such a short training stint I was extremely confident of finishing. Unfortunately I missed the cut off for T2 by 90 seconds.


For our first meeting we sat and set some goals for the event and discussed a training plan that would be manageable and worked on from there. Cathal is great for feedback after sessions and make you really confident about what you're doing. He's full of knowledge and experience and is more than willing to pass it on.


I had originally planned to do one Ironman but now I'm sure I'll do plenty of them over the next few years."

Paddy  McElhinney, Triathlete

September 21, 2018

Recently got coached for the Dublin City Marathon by Cathal. My aim from the start was to do a 3:10 marathon. With all the help and training plans from Cathal I was able to do a 3:09:44 marathon. Also felt good at the finish. Looking forward to the next plan from Cathal for setting a new PB in 2019. Would highly recommend GLC Coaching.

Martin Pearl

November 10, 2018

Cathal Murphy

Head Coach

Convent Hill, Shantraud, Killaloe, Co. Clare

Tel: (061) 622 062



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